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Techno Glass System for Accounting Offices

Manage your office

Techno Glass System for Accounting Offices is complete! Everything is registered and your client can follow what you are doing about his company in real time!
You can integrate the system with your website creating a Client Area where your clients can acess, download files, send messages and follow the activities about his company.

You also can follow your employees through the timesheet, see the finances, create letters, notices, send emails, etc. Do you need something more? Tell me your needs and I develop to you your own system!

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Integration
  • Cloud Hosting
  • CHAT
Technical Data

• Full management of business
• 100% web. Can be used through PC, tablet and smartphones
• Data safe in the cloud
• Divided in modules: Clients, HR, Financial, User,
• ISO 9001 ready
• Integrated with Client Area in your website

• Fluid layout
• Security divided in user levels, departments and custom levels
• Chat like Facebook
• Adaptable to customer needs
• Auto-reload notification bar
• Developed with CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, HTML and Ajax